Honest Night

Can you make it through the day, but at night your mind doesn’t shut down? Thoughts and questions keep you up? Those thoughts are real and honest. They are what scares you or has got you stuck. Honest night is just a chance to say those thoughts out loud. Out loud to me. You got stuff going on and I got ears and ideas. This is always a free conversation. I do not want to and we will not talk about money. If this is helpful you can support TrueMan and Honest Night Patreon, but you and I won’t talk about money. Ever. This is about you being able to say anything. Anything at all that is hurting you. You might be the cause of your pain. It might be someone else or a situation you’re. You might have guilt or shame about something. I’m here to listen and there will be no judgement. I am not a counselor. I don’t have a counseling degree. I only have a degree in Elementary Education. I just have had a ton of conversations with people who need to get something off their chest. It’s like a weird skill I have to be able to listen and offer some thoughts and ideas. This is a conversation where you can talk anonymously and freely.