TrueMan: Seattle & Portland

I was sitting church and just people watching again instead of listening to the sermon. Half of my guy friends were doing the same or setting their fantasy football roster. Has the church and culture lost the men? What is masculinity today? Are you burnt out and full questions? That's why I'm leading the True Man Experience. 

Seattle- December 3rd
Portland-December 4th

The True Man Experience - Nashville & Atlanta

Hey folks! So as some of you know I have been consumed with the topics of the church and masculinity for quite a while now. For someone reason for the last 15 years God has used me a ton and has allowed me to counsel and influence men. I've been reading and writing like crazy and I am working on a book about masculinity and the church. So I had, what I think, is a great idea.

I am going to do TWO nights of The True Man Experience. These will be living room events are limited to 15 men each. If for some reason they fill up quickly, I might stretch it to 20 but we'll decide that if and when we get there.

This will be intense. I'm expecting some seriously emotional depths to be reached, but I truly think these two nights will be helpful for us all.

There will be homework and prep and that you will have to do before you come and you will have to participate that night. Also, it will cost money. This isn't going to be fan get together or a show and I want people invested and ready for this to be taken seriously. These will be two very fun nights, but this is to learn and grow.

If this doesn't scare you off and you're interested then email me at and I'll shoot you the details.