Computers Suck And So Does My Brain

So my damn computer froze up at 10:30pm last night. I was working on this email for you guys and WHAM!!!!!! That was it.  

So I searched the internet on our other computer and tried everything to reboot it. This broken computer is a Macbook Pro and when I push the power button the Apple Logo appears for about 10 seconds and then just starts disappearing and reappearing.  Nothing else.

I some how got it to go into internet mode. So that's how I'm writing this email now.  I was able to get a genius bar appointment this morning at the local Apple Store so hopefully they can fix it. 


I need it for my job and I need it for the upcoming TrueMan Events next week. 

This is a damn frustrating situation. It also has made me realize three things.

We live in a world now that we actually need computers. We need them for our work. We need them for our play. We need them to interact with each other.  

The problem is no one you know can build one!  What I mean is send your smartest friend into the woods or into nature and tell him to come back with a computer he built.  

Sure we can order parts and put some shit together but no one you know can create a computer locally. We are all relying on a system we can't really replicate if you take a way a few things. Woah. That is a little scary.  

The next thought, I hate to admit it, is true. I rely, need, and potentially am addicted to computers, phones, and maybe technology in general.  Ugh. I spend a lot of time using these things. I often can't pull myself away or feel a need to check in and see what's happening on my phone or computer.  If the grid goes or bad guy figures out a way to destroy electricity and computers, then I'm gonna have withdrawals.  

At night I would have to look at the stars instead of Netflix!!! 
Oh God please don't let that happen.

That leads me to my last thought.  Since my computer has gone down I keep throwing up little prayers for God to help fix it!  Hahaha! I even thought about asking you to pray!  

That is not a good use of prayer. Things like this are normal and happen regularly. I'm not in the desert asking God for direction.  There are a million stores and places I can take this thing to fix it. Now I definitely don't want to have to pay for that but that's also just life. 

Things break and you pay to fix them. We have systems to fix things. No need to stress or worry or cry out to God. 

This too shall pass. 

So I'm trying to just keep chill and not stress or tell God I'll go to church more if He'll deliver my computer from the grave.  

But if I'm honest...I WANT TO!