No Alcohol For A Month! Shit. No Alcohol For A Month.  

So I told you guys I was trying to get healthier. I have mostly cut out sugars, lots of carbs, and yes alcohol.  Today I'd like to tell you how cutting alcohol out of my life for one month has changed me in so many positive ways! 

That's a damn lie. 

Haha! Seriously! I am not way better off in my life without alcohol.  I haven't had huge breakthroughs. I haven't been changed in phenomenal ways. 

I will say that somethings are better for sure. I've lost about 20 pounds. I do feel better in my clothes and losing twenty pounds in a month is pretty awesome. Also, I am certain that even with a healthy meal plan and less carbs, I would not have lost this much weight if I had been drinking alcohol. 

I haven't had a hangover, except my belly, this month or have I woken up feeling a little shitty from the night before. 

My heads been a little more clear and have had less of the foggy brain feeling. 

So there are some true positives. Those positives are motivating and encouraging as well. 

But I think there are some negatives. The biggest one is easy.

It's just so fun to have a beer. 

It's Friday and every Friday afternoon about 4pm or 5pm for the last month I kind of just stare off into the distance and remember the good ole' days. The Fridays when I would hop in the car and ride to Kroger. Once I got there I would have a little excitement in my step as I walked the through those sliding front doors and the air condition would hit my face. A genuine smile would come as I headed to my favorite aisle. Then I would slowly take my time, looking over all of the aisle's beer selection, as if I had never seen these beers before, even though I had been to that aisle dozens of times.

Then I would choose that ice cold 6 pack, or 12 pack, or a weekender 24. Then I would head home to what could now be considered Heaven. 

Cracking that first beer and sitting on our back patio talking about football is now just a dream. A distant memory.  

Now on Friday evenings I sit in the living room and crack open a LaCroix Pamplemousse, turn on the tv, and watch C-SPAN. 
At least I have death to look forward to. But, since I'm healthier now, even that's been pushed farther away.

The reason people drink is to have fun and make bad decisions. That can definitely be bad. But not always. 

Don't drink and drive. Don't drink too much. Don't use alcohol and hurt other people. Don't use alcohol as your only way to have fun. Those are musts. 

But going out with friends and drinking and yelling a little bit, laughing a little bit, and partying a little bit is fun. 

So even though I'm being dramatic here, there is a commraderie and atmosphere that alcohol can inspire and that can be healthy.  

But if I'm honest, I'm actually in a pretty good spot. A LaCroix on ice with a little bitters is pretty damn good.  It's a really good beverage.  I went out last night with friends to a bar and thought I would be tempted to have an ice cold foamy beverage, but my soda water and bitters was delicious and satisfying.  Waking up this morning I felt great and I love thinking about how last night I didn't end up drinking my way into empty calories and slowed my weight loss. Damn that's a pretty awesome feeling too. 

So maybe i'm wrong? 

Sitting here this morning i'm thinking that maybe at 42 years old I'm becoming mature!!!

But this afternoon...oh this afternoon.