I received a lot of great feedback from you dudes about the podcast direction post from last week.  Thanks guys I needed that and I'm excited to incorporate some of those ideas for the podcast! 

One central theme that you all kept bringing up was the value of truth. You want true stories and real life experiences. It seems like we don't care as much these days about the polished and perfect man or male.  We like a real person. 

That is very encouraging.  I think we are transitioning into a new way of thinking that will be more freeing and hopefully more joyful.  

Here's what I'm getting at. It has always been easier to keep parts of your life hidden.  Don't reveal too much because it can come back to haunt you. 

I'll even go a step farther. It has been the right thing to do.  

Do not reveal your complete true self because people can't actually handle it.  Unfortunately, this is true. People can't handle your whole picture or your whole self. 

It's because they aren't comfortable with themselves. If you're being honest and open they might have to be honest and open as well. That sucks! So let's just stay in the dark! 

If you are comfortable showing all the good and all the bad, it would look like you didn't care about the more uncomfortable parts of your personality.  Some would interpret your openness as callous and even sinful. Telling and showing people your faults, the same way you do with your successes and honorable works, doesn't feel right or look right.

We're supposed to feel bad about looking at porn.  We're supposed to feel remorseful about being selfish with our money. We should only talk about our sin when it's in the context of redemption and restoration.  

That is evil. 

If anybody knows the bad shit that's gonna go through your head today, it's God!  God knows you're gonna take four extra looks at Denise on aisle three at the grocery store.  God know your going to over eat tonight and laugh about how full you are but still need some dessert.  God knows you hate someone at your job. 

So why hide it from your small group leader Tim? 

Why hide your thoughts from somebody you say you're in love with?  

It's because we all hide. Every single one of us.  From our families, spouses, pastors, church folks, and we even think we hide from God.  

Well God knows it all and most people know we all got shit we're hiding.  

So be honest about one thing today.   Start small and keep it easy.  Just get it out.  

I'll start:

I recently traded in our Subaru for a new car and didn't tell them it was having some real, and likely expensive, trouble with the AC unit.  It happened to work that day and I said to myself, "This is a used car salesman and I don't owe him anything. I'll give him my car AS IS and know warranty. " 

That's shitty.  Not the worst thing I've even done this week but I did say start small!   

Your turn. Get something off your chest. Tell a friend or wife or send me an email. But just be honest. It will get easier and we'll all be better for it.