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A few months back I moved my family to Franklin TN to be closer to the music city Nashville.  The question everyone seems to ask me since the move is, "Where are you going to church?"  Well it's not just one church. We've tried almost ten churches.  Although they all were trying to teach the Gospel and help folks they each had one terrible thing in common.  At each church we visited as I looked around at the congregation, I realized that the men sitting in the sanctuaries were disengaged, disinterested, and seemingly only there because their wife or girlfriend brought them, Is this our only way to connect with God?  Is Sunday morning service our only option to become men and our only path to shaping our masculinity in a positive way? 

After touring for over 15 years with Emery and having worked at two mega-churches, I have become burdened and angry at the way the church and culture have abandoned masculinity. Men, it seems, have become an enemy to the world.  We either boys or gamers or losers or not dating material. No one even teaches us any more about true masculinity and manhood.  We have lost the instruction from the older men and are left on our own to figure out how to navigate this life.  

After feeling convicted to be apart of the change rather than just complaining from the sidelines, I created The TrueMan Experience.  Each event involves one night in your town where we discuss our identity, our relationship with our fathers and other important people in our lives, and we fellowship. 

Also, I have started the TrueMan Experience Podcast.  I interview men who have come to the events and we get real.  The podcast is about revealing masculinity in a real way.  

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